ShittyInfinity poster draft3

Coming to you for two weekends only, GRAFT presents SHITTY INFINITY. This exhibition will showcase an interactive and immersive selection of the most famous and important works of contemporary, postmodern, and postwar art in existence today. The unprecedented conjunction of these artists under one roof will give visitors access to a transcendental, transformative museum experience which will shape personal lives and cultural narratives for generations to come. GRAFT is thrilled to lift the veil of the contemporary art institution as it exists today, revealing a permanent collection of all the artists of global, even galactic relevance. This will be the most important, most comprehensive, most iconic art exhibit that Albuquerque, and maybe the world, will ever see. Experience the infinite, feel it transform your soul and rock the foundations of your very reality. This is the real deal. This is real art. This is SHITTY INFINITY.


Presented with assistance from curators across the globe, including:

GRAFT Collective

So This Is Art

Rob Stevens

Lance McGoldrick

Ren Adams

Natalie Day

Drew Miller

Piera Turkis

Bradford Erickson

Stanley Brapola

CB Bryan

Noel Mollinedo

Apollo Gomez

Lee Frampton

and more.




This exhibition is presented with support from the Fulcrum Fund, and will be GRAFT Collective’s last exhibition at this space.

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