a sound, video and performance installation by Amanda Dannáe

January 5 – 26

Closing reception January 26, 6–10 pm, with a  special live performance by the artist

Image 1

‘Onism’ is the frustration of being stuck in just one body that inhabits only one place at a time. This work is a visual study of such sensations brought forth by the use of video, photo, sound, and performance.

Amanda Dannáe is an artist and musician currently based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA). She grew up in Santa Fe where she enjoyed exploring the vast landscapes and culture of New Mexico. She has always had an interest in the way that humans, technology, and environments are interconnected. She has done extensive research and practice in various art modalities and the way in which they can be implemented as mechanisms for change and healing in individuals as well as those who have varying forms of trauma and disability. Her affinity for social practice and the progressive nature of the relationship between humans, technology, and environments has allowed her to create a dialogue on these parallels.


Next up is Fun-a-Day 2018, a show celebrating the art of daily practice, opening on Friday, February 9 from 6–10 pm!

Van damme small size.jpg


Fun-a-Day is a show structured around daily practice. For the month of January, 2018 artists have completed one action or one part of an artwork every day. Resulting works include photos, video, ashes, slime, clay stamps, recipes, writings, zines, and more! Come view the resulting works displayed in an unjuried, open-call exhibit at GRAFT!

Some of our participating artist include:

Jackie Riccio
Adri De La Cruz
Monica Sanchez
Piera Yerkis
Jennifer Godbout
Ayron Hopkins
Tina Yara-Nieto
Lea Anderson
Lisa Woromay
Jane Brusetti
Jessica Mills
Maya-Rae Mills
Pants (Irene) Entila
Jett Bullock
Marcos Polac
Wesley Mebust
Winter Earnest
Kristen Woods
Michael Ellis
Samantha Andrews
Ariel Bustos
Carlos McCord
Scott Leonard
King Dikorim
CB Bryan
Caitlin Carcerano
Kate Thiel
Clarke Conde
Lisa Lorenzo
Ren Adams
Rachel Harris-Huffman
Sean Hudson
Jazmyn Crosby
Cecilia McKinnon
Jessica Chao
Beth Lou Hansen


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