a group show about obsolescence

opening reception April 6, 6–10 pm, with performances at 8

closing reception April 20, 6–10 pm, with performances at 8

The artists in this exhibition explore themes of obsolescence, cultural memory, and disposability through interdisciplinary, time-based, or interactive work. The works examines memory and antiquation on a cultural scale, through engagement with materials, processes, and forms of knowledge and communication which have fallen into disuse. As a body of work, the show presents a definition of “technology” which expands beyond recent electronic media to include ephemeral objects, tools, and ideologies, raising questions about our specific moment in contemporary history and ways we position ourselves in relationship to the past.
Penelope Young
Emma Eckert
Sol Wright
Kenneth Cornell
Linnea Bergman
Michael Ellis
Harley Kirschner
Ren Adams
King Dikorim
Aaron Lollis
Lindsay Brenner
Jenette Isaacson
Evening King
GRAFT Collective
postcard image by Emma Eckert
We are grateful for support from Fulcrum Fund in presenting this exhibition.

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