We Have the Whole World in Our Pockets

paintings and photos by Calvin Burgstahler, with interactive augmented reality

closing reception Friday, September 29, 6–10 pm


We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Pockets, a solo show featuring Calvin Burgstahler, is series of new paintings and photographs, with interactive augmented reality components, that feature people interacting with smartphones.

Smartphones are omnipresent in our social landscape, modern-day all-in-one pocket knives, providing seemingly endless outlets for information, entertainment and communication. We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Pockets embodies a distracted state where everyone is in contact with everyone in just about every way except physically. It’s a place in time where pockets bulge an unnatural rectangle and faces glow blue/green while fidgety thumbs restlessly bob around their range of motion.

Calvin Burgstahler utilizes loose and goopy painting techniques in conjunction with candid, “from the hip” street photography for this body of work in order to critically present mostly usual situations involving humans and smartphones while maintaining a decisive level of ambiguity in the figures. There’s no question about it, almost all of us regularly use a smartphone, but how might these devices both enhance and diminish the quality of our lives?

This exhibit utilizes the free app Aurasma for augmented reality components. Devices will be available for viewing at the gallery, or download the app on your own phone to use with the gallery wifi.


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