Salvage Vessel GRAFT

February 2016 at the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum, Albuquerque New Mexico

Welcome to the Salvage Vessel GRAFT.  The mission of this craft is to archive the ephemeral – to piece, stitch, and resurrect those moments that have been left to the gutters of forgetfulness and abandoned by history.  Our work is to collect memories, even those incomplete or glitchy, in order to examine the creative process of reminiscence and to make material the immaterial. Our sound archive of strangers’ recollections reflects not only their memories, but the holes they leave behind.  We invite you into our vessel to listen to the fragments of voices in our memory archive, to watch, to play, to feel, and to reflect. If you are interested in contributing to the collection, please call 505-585-1415 and leave a voicemail describing a memory on the edge of disappearance.

Salvage Vessel GRAFT is a multimedia sculpture and memory repository. The vessel was created as part of the exhibition Rally, which took place at the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum. The vessel’s form was inspired by the lighter-than-air crafts on display in the museum. The public was invited inside the vessel, to listen in to the memory archive over a phone receiver while watching a video on the vessel’s “windshield.” At the opening reception, GRAFT acted as the vessel’s crew members, inscribing memory fragments onto the hull of SV GRAFT with carbon transfer paper.