Vestigial: Obsolescence-Themed Group Show:  We are seeking submissions for a group show themed around obsolescence, cultural memory, and disposability, to take place in April 2018. The show will explore media, processes, materials, and forms of knowledge and communication which although previously popular have fallen into general disuse, and what these processes reflect about our society’s specific moment in history.

We are seeking works which speak to memory and obsolescence on a cultural scale rather than solely a personal one. The obsolescence of practices and materials can explore our cultural obsession with novelty, as well as the waste associated with implementing even genuine improvements in technology. We would like to promote a definition of “technology” which expands beyond recent electronic media to include ephemeral objects, tools, and ideologies which have been replaced by something new.  

Examples may include engagement with antiquated production processes, use of obsolete technologies to generate or present work, conceptual exploration of bygone culturally-held beliefs, and other interpretations of obsolescence.

Submission deadline is Saturday, March 10. Submissions may be either finished or proposed works, and should include an artist statement addressing your conceptual and material content along with 3-5 images or sketches. Please submit all materials to graftgallery@gmail.com, with subject line titled “Vestigial Submission.” 


Salvage Memory Hotline: We are always collecting more memories for our Salvage Memory Archive, a collection of fading and half-forgotten recollections submitted via anonymous voicemail. To donate a memory, please leave an anonymous voicemail at 505-585-1415. 


BED Talks:  Short lectures given from the comfort of someone else’s bed! Based in the style of pecha-kucha (20 slides in 10 minutes on any subject), our ongoing short lecture series is always seeking new speakers.  If you are interested in being one of our guest speakers at the next BED Talks, please email graftgallery@gmail.com.


We are always accepting submissions and proposals for solo and small group exhibitions, as well as pop-up events and performances! Proposals should include a short project description and at least 3 images or links to supporting materials. Please email all proposals to graftgallery@gmail.com.

The Tiny Hand Gallery is located in our hallway and features tiny works which rotate monthly; we are always accepting submissions for tiny tiny shows.