Our Mission

GRAFT is a collective and an art space dedicated to the creation and exhibition of new works. We believe in the physical space of the gallery and the social space of events as sites of radical transformation on an individual and communal level. We are committed to maintaining a stimulating and accessible space through the curation of group and solo exhibitions, participatory events, lectures, skillshares, absurdist performances, deep meaningful conversations, secret kittens, mix tapes, long distance friendships, obsolete technologies, experiential installations, puppet shows, amateur dentistry, psychic surgery, snakes, figure drawing sessions, experiments in carpentry, lucid dreaming, and great hair. We look forward to meeting you!

About Us

GRAFT is composed of Jessica Chao, Jazmyn Crosby, Beth Hansen, Cecilia McKinnon, 2 cats, and many, many friends and volunteers. The collective was formed in November of 2014, followed by an inaugural exhibition in February 2015. Since then we have maintained a full schedule of events and exhibitions. For more on past and future events see our archive and upcoming events pages.

Our Neighbors

History of the Building